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Construction debris comprises 75% of the garbage that consumes our nation's landfills. Our nation's residential structures consume over 40% of the energy generated each year.

The term "green building" is thrown around a lot in the building industry. Whether your motivation is to save on your utility bills, leave a smaller footprint, or create a cleaner living environment, our team will provide you with realistic and honest advise about where your money will be best spent.

We have a great deal of experience with the different products and processes utilized in the green building industry. To stay current with the latest technology and practices in sustainable building, we have taken Passive Haus and LEED courses.


Building Efficiency

The most effective way to build an efficient home is by building a well-insulated home. Through energy efficient doors & windows and superior insulation practives, we'll help your home retain heat in the winter and keep it cool in the summer. ICF foundations and SIPs structures are increasingly popular and we're experienced with both. Thermal breaks, Low-E 366 glazing, fluid applied WRB, advanced framing. We've done it.


Ecological Materials

There are endless choices of eco-friendly products available. From recycled glass counters to Paperstone to zero-VOC finishes to Marmoleum to FSC certified lumber to natural plaster. From recycled metal tiles to bamboo substitutes to denim-sourced insulation. Our team has done it and will install any of it.


Utilities and Power SYstems

Photovoltaics have achieved incredible efficiency in recent years. Coupled with the new storage technology, renewable energy systems are more viable than ever. Whether you want to lower your footprint or you want live off the grid - we have the experience to help.

Tankless water heaters, LED light fixtures, solar thermal, geothermal, heat pumps, wind turbines, and smart homes are the future. We have the experience needed to help you achieve your sustainable living goals.